The Roundtable’s Favorite Rap Albums (2010-19)

Our favorite rap albums from the past decade.

Top 10 Tracks of 2014

“We won’t live for too long, So let’s love for one song.” – In The Valley Below, “Peaches” As the Top Albums of 2014 rounds into form (coming Friday), here’s a look at some of the individual tracks that stood out over the course of the year.* In no particular order:

New Music 4.22.14 – Gettin’ Iggy With It

I used to have a crush on Avril Lavigne. So punk, I thought. She has the just rebellious attitude¬†we need¬†from teen pop stars, I presumed. Ten years later: Hopefully, that video hasn’t been taken down, too. I now have six cavities and a shattered soul from watching that. Now things: