“We will live longer than I will.
We will be better than I was.
We can cross rivers with our will.
We can do better than I can.”

Lykke Li: “Love Out of Lust

It takes ages to know what Love is, but once you find it, it takes but an instant to recognize it.

Love is a simple concept. It exists on the same terms as happiness and oxygen: They are available to you, whether you believe or not.

I don’t believe in soulmates or destiny when it comes to finding the perfect companion. I believe in Love in its purest form – unconditional and dedicated. I’m with the person I’m with for the same reason I’m not with the people I’m not.

I chose Love.

It is a choice. You can choose to care for someone, stay with them through the storms and build an everlasting foundation of affection upon the wreckage. Or, you can choose to use your passion for lust (what most people confuse with love) one night at a time then run as soon as the clouds roll in.

I chose Her because she was unlike all the rest. I chose to stop searching for something that I already had. I chose to fight through hardships without fleeing and therein became better man. I chose to bear my responsibility and be gracious in my errs.

Emily and Me. Presh.

And why shouldn’t I? She has done the same for me.

Chose Love.

Better yet, Be Love.

❤ Corey


Experience my favorite Love songs of all time on this Spotify playlist. Some will make you cry:


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