New Music Tuesday – 1.21.14

Here’s the noteworthy listens for this week. It’s the first good music-release day of the season. Rejoice.

A Great Big World – Is There Anybody Out There?

My introduction to this band was this tear-inducing video. They burst onto the scene with a beautiful ballad accompanied by Christina Aguilera, a big-name recording artist a la OneRepublic and Timbaland.

So far, they seem pretty wholesome and hip enough for hipsters. They remind me of Ben Folds meets Five for Fighting.

Against Me! – Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Forgive the NSFW album art and somewhat questionable track titles. This is the first album from the band since frontperson Tom Gabel went public with his gender dysphoria. He is now a she, Laura Jane Grace.

I can’t recall this happening to any band that I know, so the content of the music here is a new look into a life of which many of us have no comprehension.

Young the Giant – Mind Over Matter

This is the “My Body” band. Many of you are familiar with their first album from 2010, which seems like ages ago.

You know, after listening to this, Young the Giant might be one of the most accessible alternative rock bands for new listeners. I hate genre labels, especially one as broad as “alternative,” but it’s true. YTG should be the first thing you hear on the 2014 alternative music starter kit, along with the likes of Lorde, Moon Taxi and the Black Keys.

It’s like an easy-listening launching pad that leads to the more complex sounds of bands such as Vampire Weekend, Grizzly Bear and MGMT. From there, you can choose to go further down the spectrum until you’re left with this.

Songs added to the Top Songs of 2014 playlist: “Say Something” by A Great Big World

Heard anything good this week?

One thought on “New Music Tuesday – 1.21.14

  1. I really like this album…Say Something is a timeless, simple song that will always be popular. Can’t wait to hear more from these talented guys. Here’s the iTunes link for anyone that would like to preview/buy it: http:// / IsThrAnybdyOutThr

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