New Music Tuesday – 4.8.14: The Rising SOHN

HYDRA members could be anywhere, so I’m being very careful this week.

If you haven’t seen the new Captain America and/or Marvel: Agents of SHIELD, just know you’re missing out on crossover entertainment at its finest. Except now I’m paranoid of conspiracy at every turn.

On to real things:

Eric Hutchinson – Pure Fiction

Rating: Never change, Eric

Eric Hutchinson brings an old school soul to pop music that not many artists are exploring these days, so it’s hard not to be a fan. As his third album, Pure Fiction picks up where Moving Up Living Down left off.

He’s still wailing with impressive passion and churning out feel-good hits, so there’s not a lot of bad you can say. However, from the first listen, I haven’t found a track that screams “hit” like I could on his previous releases.

If all you’re looking for is a good time, you came to the right place.

SOHN – Tremors

Rating: Mind-melt of the year

“Artifice” is such a great track, one of my favorites of the year, so I was intrigued at what an entire album would bring.

It’s a little more psychedelic than I had hoped, but SOHN’s debut is a great way to lose yourself when your brain just needs to float. Tremors mostly operates with a subtle pulse, but the album has its moments of power, such as in the second half of “Lessons.”

This album will be my go-to think tank for the foreseeable future.

Young & Sick – Young & Sick

Rating: I don’t know what this is

Young & Sick was gained notoriety as a Dutch artist, so that explains how he appeared out of thin air. You’ll know his work from album covers such as Maroon 5’s Overexposed and Foster the People’s Supermodel.

This is one of those “I hear it, but I have no idea how to describe it” listens, and it’s frustrating. It’s like spacey jazz and 90s R&B were spliced in a hall of mirrors. That’s the best I can do.

“Counting Raindrops” is somewhat normal. You’re on your own with everything else.

Updated Best of 2014 playlist:

I know nothing of Kiesza, but I know she may have won me over with just one song.

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