New Music 8.12.14 – Michael Cera is a Beautiful Michael Cera

With a wedding now one month away, life is coming at me fast. I’m hardly home anymore, so it’s becoming increasingly difficult to keep up with this blog, so I may have to miss a week or two.

But not this week. Michael Cera Bancamped an album this week and it deserves all the spotlight. I recommend you look at the photos on the page and read his bio to understand what we’re dealing with.

Michael Cera – true that

Rating: Bizarre, But You Can’t Help But Find it Adorable

Never have I heard music from a person not originally known for music create something so perfectly them. True that is quirky, a little off-beat and an underdog to root for. This album is a Micheal Cera music incarnate.

I don’t know Michael Cera, but I wish I did. I know he’s a cool guy. I know he’s probably not a bad guy. But I would like to think, after listening to this album, that I know him a little better.

Musically, this album is experimental, to say the least. And opinions about nontraditional music can buzz about in all sorts of nonsensical directions, so just know that it’s a weird ride. He’s kind of done this before on many occasions, so we’ve received a taste of the DIY indie delectables he can produce. But spread over 18 tracks, there’s a lot more to explore.

You’ll find a majority of true that takes you through piano- or string-based instrumentals with a couple of surprising vocal performances (“Steady Now,” “Ruth,” “ohNadine,” “Those Days”). The vocals are lo-fyingly awesome. They sound like MGMT demos but much less predictable and more Michael Cera. I’m not even sure you hear the same note twice throughout the entire album. And with all the production and compressing of music these days, it’s nice for an artist to bring us into his most organic place of creation. It’s music in its purest form. But some of it is oh so depressing.

None of these songs will be on the radio. I can’t pinpoint a demographic. I can’t give it a numerical or alphabetical rating. It’s music from a celebrity, but a celebrity who you don’t care is a celebrity. It’s interesting on integrity alone and it makes me happy, which is kind of the point.

He feels emotions. He has aspirations outside of acting. He has originality. He’s just a guy.

Best of 2014 playlist:

Hardly anything has changed from last week. That is NOT my fault. We need better music.

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