Roundtable Talk: “Surfers”

“Royal blue ocean dunes
And she’s riding in the space between the clouds.
See how cool she can wear
The divide between her confidence and doubt.”

Artist: Me Not You
Song: “Surfers”
Album: Reckoning 2
Year: 2018

Song Meaning

A disarming admiration observed from afar.

Better Than Any Pickup Line

I know love songs yearning for attention are a dime a dozen, but if a stranger crafted these hazy vocals and plug-in distortions just for me, I would reciprocate the attraction – no questions asked.

This song makes pickup lines and traditional courting rituals seem outdated. It’s 2018, so let’s really go the extra mile and turn the head of the head-turner.

So you can surf in clouds? I can make a hip song about it. Let’s hang…10.

Random Notes

  • Amazingly, this is one of the few times where I want to know the aftermath of a song. I’ve listened to “Surfers” so many times in the past few months, I’m invested. Is this surfer as dreamy as advertised? Has your confidence improved? Did you paint Asbury Park the color of your budget-friendly champagne?
  • If the sequel resides in another song, please let me know. Just don’t let it be “Straw Man.” My heart aches at the thought.
  • I only found out about Me Not You when they reb(r)anded their social media from Little Daylight. This new brand of self-described garage pop is worth noticing, because, you know, the radio generally doesn’t play the good stuff.

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