At Harte-Hanks, we work with Barnes and Nobel to format publications for the Nook e-reader. We use a software called Article Creation Tool (ACT) to extract the text from PDFs and make it legible on the tablet’s “ArticleView” feature. Nothing comes out cleanly, so we have to go through each word and make sure it’s keeps the exact format from the publication while making sure it connects to the correct pages. I do Us Weekly each week, among other publications. Basically, I’m responsible for this:

PDF | Nook ArticleView

We also handle catalogs, where we plot “hotspots” for easy purchase. You click these hotspots while perusing the catalog on your Nook and it lets you add it to your cart without having to navigate the website or mail-order forms. Here’s an example of an L.L. Bean I did, showing the hotspots:


Here’s how I have used FlipVids and my phone’s camera capability. Forgive the name-dropping.

This goes with one of the stories in my writing portfolio. It was me and one other reporter in an interview session with Jason Mraz. That’s the perfect way to do it with Grammy-winning artists.

The following videos came from a Dec. 4, 2009, visit to the Staples Center. The Lakers played the Heat on ESPN and long story short, I had a media pass. These are just a couple of interviews. I didn’t ask any questions because it wasn’t my place. But I think I was born to be in the NBA locker room.

Kobe Bryant (I put the camera on me at the beginning to prove I was there)

Dwyane Wade


This was my live television debut summing up the 2009-10 season for the Kansas Jayhawks. I appear a little more than halfway through this video.


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