Writing Portfolio

These stories stand out above the countless ones I have written.

Southwest: The Magazine (Sept. 2015)

I did some side projects with your favorite in-flight magazine about Lake Tahoe/Reno, Nevada and Navajo Nation:

Pages 115, 118, 120, 122, 124, 125, 126.
Pages 102-104.

Global Connections Inc. (Sept. 2013-Present)GDV_logotype_2_rgb

I run most of the social media sites for a dozen of our company’s different services, along with managing contributions from colleagues. My main responsibilities involve running the accounts of our most prominent service, Global Discovery Vacations:

The Shawnee Dispatch (Feb. 2012-Sept. 2013)

Shawnee Dispatch

Music Roundtable

I don’t know how I will be able to top the passion, purpose and prose of this 2016 Music Review. Of all the writing I have ever done, I am most proud of it.

If you want to see me unshackled in an non-professional setting, peruse this blog at your discretion.

Lawrence-Journal World (2011-Feb. 2012)


The University Daily Kansan (2009-2011)


To be young and naive. As with all of our early works, I wrote some good pieces and some I wish would never see the light of day. Since the Kansan changed its website, I’ve had to find new links from stories and I can’t find all of them. I’m working on it. These are my favorite five:

Here are links to some other stories for your viewing pleasure:

Sports Stories

(Note: Due to an update to the Kansan website, some of the links may not work)

News Stories

The Campus Ledger (2008-2009)

This link is more for my own reference, but this is what I wrote at Johnson County Community College when I was just starting out as a writer: http://campusledger.jccc.edu/search/node/corey+thibodeaux

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