The Roundtable’s Favorite Alternative Rock Albums (2010-19)

Determining the “best” album of a single year is hard enough, let alone a whole decade. Though I have amassed a great collection of musical experiences over the past 10 years, it’s only fair that I relegate these posts as “favorites” in lists that follow my own arbitrary rules. “Switching off all the noise I’veContinue reading “The Roundtable’s Favorite Alternative Rock Albums (2010-19)”

Top 10 Tracks of 2015

“This is something you can’t touch This is something you feel For some people it’s too much For some people it heals This music is my healing.” – Gary Clark, Jr. “The Healing” If my death is tomorrow or in 1,000 years, there is one notion you will never pry from my cold grasp: AContinue reading “Top 10 Tracks of 2015”