Best Albums of 2012: The One Man Army

2010 | 2011 Best Tracks of 2012 playlist on Spotify: The Process “Let’s sing to be happy, to feel things, to communicate, be heard We sing out to protest, and to project, and to harmonize with birds Whether it’s your birthday, or your dying day It’s a celebration too Rejoice to use your voice, andContinue reading “Best Albums of 2012: The One Man Army”

Best Albums of 2012: So Far

“Oh, I’m only dangerous at the whim of my command. I’ve been searching for an angle For a cause I can defend.” –Santigold – “The Riot’s Gone” A co-worker overheard me listening to the WZRD album and said she fancied it because it had some Black Sabbath-type sounds in it. Now, that’s not entirely false,Continue reading “Best Albums of 2012: So Far”