Best Albums of 2015: So Far

I bought a domain for this blog at the beginning of the year and then I dedicated 2015 to being more of a scholar than a scribe. A fool’s blunder. However, my musical consumption remains at an all-time high. As a minor update to what’s been going on in music this year, here are 10Continue reading “Best Albums of 2015: So Far”

10 Songs that Have the Power to Change the World

I call out, to no one, “With the human race on the ropes and the world’s population as your audience, what song would you use to save it?” A response reaches out from the distance, to only me, “If ‘We Are the World’ couldn’t do it, then nothing can.”

Album Review: Red Finds Perfect Harmony In “Of Beauty and Rage”

When we last left Red, the nu-symphonic-metal rockers ditched their signature strings for a more punishing sound, sacrificing precision for chaos in Release the Panic. Though they still proved to be a viable rock band without their usual gimmicks, the release of Release the Panic: Recalibrated was a sign that Red understood they had aContinue reading “Album Review: Red Finds Perfect Harmony In “Of Beauty and Rage””

Music Reviews – Kris Allen Epitomizes the Worthlessness of Reality Singing Competitions

With a month and a half left of 2014, the top albums of the year have more or less distinguished themselves. This will be the last post before I whip out that year-end monster. There were some albums that I have a lot to say about but was unable to get to earlier this year. SoContinue reading “Music Reviews – Kris Allen Epitomizes the Worthlessness of Reality Singing Competitions”

New Music 9.30.14 – The One “Hit” Wonder

Lykke Li came to town this past weekend. It was significant in that it is the closest I will ever be to a woman on my “List.” I love her. Other than that, it was a fantastic show and a tolerable crowd. Shout out to Mapei for putting on one of the best opening liveContinue reading “New Music 9.30.14 – The One “Hit” Wonder”

Music, My Muse

Late one summer night, I hit a writer’s block when typing one of the most important pieces I will ever have to write: my grandfather’s eulogy. I’ve learned over the years to overcome these hindrances and the right words somehow always found their way. But I had never had to spill my heart like this inContinue reading “Music, My Muse”

New Music 7.15.14 – Jason Mraz Lengthens His Roots

What a great week for new music, so there is no need for an intro. Special shout out to Jungle, who I would have discussed had there not been such an influx of interesting releases.

New Music 7.8.14 – Sia On the Flip Side

Lifehacker introduced me to the Long Tail yesterday, which shows you an artist’s LEAST popular songs on Spotify. It has great potential if it can weed out the skits and duplicate/alternate tracks. For example, both Kanye West and Jay-Z have a version of “No Church in the Wild” as their least-played track. Yet the same songContinue reading “New Music 7.8.14 – Sia On the Flip Side”

New Music 6.24.14 – Whoa, Ed Sheeran is Actually for Mature People

I hit two gargantuan milestones on my account this week: I scrobbled my 100,000th track and, hopefully by the time you read this, I will have amassed 2,000 unique artists.