The Roundtable’s Favorite Rock Albums (2010-19)

Our favorite hard rock albums from the past decade.

Top Songs of 2018

“I’m gonna start a garden in my backyard
‘Cause making this song up is just as hard”
– Haley Heynderickx

The Case Against Today’s Rock

When Slash and Myles Kennedy released Apocalyptic Love this year, it should have been the rock version of Watch the Throne. It had Slash’s signature guitar licks and it had Myles Kennedy’s penetrating vocals, the best union of head-banging talent since Audioslave. Yet, the album left me unfulfilled, as if I had heard this beforeContinue reading “The Case Against Today’s Rock”

Best Albums of 2011: Forgetting about Dre and JT

“I only pray you’ll never leave me behind Because good music can be so hard to find” -Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine: “Stereo Hearts” Intro When I first started releasing my top-10 album lists, my music taste was linear and dull. The lists were essentially “Corey’s Favorites,” which is robbing you of a trueContinue reading “Best Albums of 2011: Forgetting about Dre and JT”

2011’s Song of the Year

It’s by far the best form of art I have seen this year. The resplendent lyrics are taken aback by the gloomy tone of salvation and captivated by a resounding passion. It’s powerful stuff. Get a free download here. Thrice – Words in the Water Standing knee deep in cold water, swiftly moving, somehow IContinue reading “2011’s Song of the Year”