It’s Only Natural

And this place- it will outlive me.
Before I get to heaven, I’ll climb that tree.
And I will have to give my thanks
For giving me the branch to swing on

-Jason Mraz- “Only Human”

I see people ignoring them everyday.

Fans at concerts or sporting events want nothing more than to get a hand on the celebrity on hand. Denial is deflating.

If you don’t like the feeling, why are you blowing past, spitting gum into and taking for granted your biggest fan? I’m referring to Mother Nature.

I’ve been asked why I go out of my way to touch every piece of foliage that comes in my reaching distance.

“Their hands are extended so they can high-five me,” I tell them. “I can’t ‘leave’ them hanging.”

My mindset is this: if I am good to nature, it will be good to me. And ever since I’ve acted with this mindset, it has been very good to me.

It’s 95 degrees out, and I may have forgotten to drink the recommended amount of water for the day. Part of me thinks I’m going to pass out during my four mile run up Lawrence hills. Out of nowhere, an Oakleaf Hydrangea pops up, wanting an autograph. Since I don’t have the time, I acknowledge his presence with a handshake and know that he, and everything else I’m battling against, has my back. This comfort gets me home safe every time.

( Sidenote: I run without the accompaniment music. As much as I listen to music, this may come as a shock to some. But nature has its own songs, most of which I’ve never heard. And I can’t ignore my fans. It’s on these journeys that I can account for the bulk of my education. One of these lessons is being relayed in this very entry.)

When I make it back from every one of my runs, I kiss my index and middle finger and extend those fingers to wherever Sun is shining. Thanks for keeping me safe on my journey, oh gleaming one.

Covering Kansas Athletics the past month and seeing no end in sight is taking quite a toll.

Locked up and alone in my apartment for most of the time, I have to entertain myself. Call of Duty tends to do the trick, though it lacks productivity.

This is when I turn to the best way to spend time, especially in the summer. I didn’t have to buy a thing to enjoy it, either. Nature has no admission fees or cover charges, people.

When I look out of my balcony and see the evening’s rainbow sky and sometimes the stars and moon, everything makes sense if only for a moment.

It’s no coincidence that when I am looking at Mother Nature in her gorgeous mystique, the most beautiful people I know come to mind. In the purest form of humanism, I am not alone.

How can I possibly begin to pay thanks for this splendid treat I can come back to whenever I want? Well, I don’t litter and I try to be sustainably conscious. But the simple extension of my hand to the blooming fans I have all over the world is enough to make me think I’m giving back.

When you see that tree branch hanging down, it’s not trying to get in your way. It just wants to be your friend so give it some love.

It’s only natural.

Dear bug I smashed,
You came out of nowhere and I apologize for shortening your already short life.
If I knew who or where your family was, I would give them my condolences.
Remembered always,

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