Lost inside The Room

This is the greatest conversation I have ever had via text:

“Have you ever seen the room?” my friend sent me.

“Are you talking about like the worst movie ever made?” I replied.


I had heard of its legend before. I had a fiction writing professor that said it went against everything a good story should be: plot inconsistencies, a lack of character development, pointless scenes. Needless to say, I was eager to watch this film.

It was me and my friend with several other people I didn’t really know watching Tommy Wiseau’s The Room in a Lawrence, Kan., basement. I have no choice but to cherish this night. The script was absurd, the cliche one-liners were cheesy and the acting was gawd-awful. We didn’t get an explanation on Denny’s drug use or know how Claudette’s breast cancer treatment was going. We loved it.

So what if everything about the film is poorly made, despite its $6 million budget (seriously). A movie is supposed to entertain you, and you could argue that this is one of the most entertaining movies in existence. It still plays in select theaters around the United States and people line up to see this thing. Adult Swim replays The Room on April Fool’s Day.

Everyone I have showed the movie to who had an open mind loved it. It really does have an inexplicable effect on people. If something so bad makes you so happy, is it really that bad? So this is how I will spend the eight-year anniversary of The Room’s release:

  • To get started, go to one of the greatest Wikipedia pages of all time. The “Production” section is absolutely absurd, but fitting for a film of this caliber. Here’s an excerpt:

  • There is an awesome video game some die-hard fans made. It stays true to the storyline and quirks.


No matter how bad The Room is, it is still endearing and worth a viewing. I’ll leave you with one of the many scenes of legend.

Oh, bai reader,

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