Most anticipated albums of 2013: Timberlake returns


If you thought about releasing music this year, don’t because it will be instant trash in comparison. The G.OA.T. is back and he knows music and he is superior to you in all facets of DNA composition. NOT NOW, KANYE.

Justin Timberlake is making a comeback to music. (Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times)

It’s well documented that I have a thing for Justin Timberlake. If there were some kind of worldwide fantasy draft, for any purpose, JT would be my first pick every time. Luckily, I can go on gleefully blinded with anticipation as I had the rest of this written before I heard the news.

He tweeted the countdown link earlier today, hinting at what seems like studio work. “To whom it may concern…I think I’M READY! #JT2013” he wrote.

As far as most anticipated albums of the year are, this potential Timbaland-produced Timberlake comeback is No.1.

Back to rationality:

After spending a whole year engulfing every new song in sight, the deadspace to start the New Year is a necessary vacation.

This is the time I listen to oldies or my old-faithfuls. It’s nice to feel at home, if only until the journey starts again.

More than likely, there will be no January First Impressions. But to prevent this thing from crashing to the ground, let’s ease it down and look ahead for the most anticipated albums of the year (from bands I’ve actually heard of):


  • RedRelease the Panic
    This is going to be a good month. One of the best rock bands out there.
  • BjorkBastards
  • Coheed and CambriaThe Afterman: Descension
  • Josh GrobanAll That Echoes
  • Azealia BanksBroke With Expensive Taste


  • OneRepublicNative
    Highly underrated. Not sure if their being mainstream is a detriment.
  • Kid CudiIndicud
    Double disc and a musically evolved Cudi. I won’t need spoilers.
  • David BowieThe Next Day
    Because we all love him and miss him.


  • ParamoreParamore
    Not because I like them, but I want to see if Haylee Williams lives up to her talent.


  • Backstreet Boys
    The enduring, the legendary, the EXISTENTIAL. By the way, One Direction and The Wanted, you have some decent hits. I’ll give you that. But you will never be BSB.
  • Eminem
  • How to Destroy Angels
  • Queens of the Stone Age
    Haven’t had an album out since 2007. I never liked them, but I was a petty high schooler back then. This is a personal coming of age gauge.
  • Tool
    One day, you wake up and Rihanna has seven studio albums. But Tool, who has been with us since the early 90s is working on their fifth. Quality over quantity.
  • Dave Grohl project
  • Daft Punk
    I’m not going to count the Tron: Legacy soundtrack as a Daft Punk album. But it’s been “Too Long” since they’ve released a studio album (2005). “Too Long” is a song on Discovery, for anyone wondering about the mysterious use of quotations.
  • Dr. Dre – Detox
    IS THIS IT, DRE? IS THIS THE YEAR?! You waited too long and JT is back in the picture, totally unexpected. Sadly, no one cares about it now.


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