Best Albums of 2015

“Friends, I have met Lovers have slept and wept Promises to stay had never been kept This bare truth of which most won’t share I hope you share, I hope you share” -Benjamin Clementine, “Cornerstone” Intro It has been another year and what a year it has been. Hoo boy, 2015 is in the runningContinue reading “Best Albums of 2015”

Best Albums of 2015: So Far

I bought a domain for this blog at the beginning of the year and then I dedicated 2015 to being more of a scholar than a scribe. A fool’s blunder. However, my musical consumption remains at an all-time high. As a minor update to what’s been going on in music this year, here are 10Continue reading “Best Albums of 2015: So Far”

Album Review: Red Finds Perfect Harmony In “Of Beauty and Rage”

When we last left Red, the nu-symphonic-metal rockers ditched their signature strings for a more punishing sound, sacrificing precision for chaos in Release the Panic. Though they still proved to be a viable rock band without their usual gimmicks, the release of Release the Panic: Recalibrated was a sign that Red understood they had aContinue reading “Album Review: Red Finds Perfect Harmony In “Of Beauty and Rage””

Most anticipated albums of 2013: Timberlake returns

NEW JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE ALBUM!!! If you thought about releasing music this year, don’t because it will be instant trash in comparison. The G.OA.T. is back and he knows music and he is superior to you in all facets of DNA composition. NOT NOW, KANYE. It’s well documented that I have a thing for Justin Timberlake. If there wereContinue reading “Most anticipated albums of 2013: Timberlake returns”

The Case Against Today’s Rock

When Slash and Myles Kennedy released Apocalyptic Love this year, it should have been the rock version of Watch the Throne. It had Slash’s signature guitar licks and it had Myles Kennedy’s penetrating vocals, the best union of head-banging talent since Audioslave. Yet, the album left me unfulfilled, as if I had heard this beforeContinue reading “The Case Against Today’s Rock”