New Music 6.3.14 – Week of the Newbies

I went to a Vampire Weekend concert the other day and it might have been by the worst collection of concert-goers I’ve ever seen. So many unwritten laws of etiquette that, I think, were broken.

So here’s some things to consider the next time you attend a live event:

  • Paying $40 for a ticket and leaving right after the opener. This is too common of an occurrence for it to be legal. Even if you were just there to see the first act, the headliner – correct me if I’m wrong – usually puts on a better show.
  • Stop pushing your way to the front of the stage just to get stopped right in front of short people who have been there all day. Humans occupy space, so stop interrupting the laws of physics.
  • Attempting to crowd surf when the people around you vocally state they will not support you. How’s that bruise on your tailbone treating you?
  • Do you really need to smoke illegal substances during the show? Do you even know where you are?
  • Be nice. First interactions with strangers should be met with open-mindedness and camaraderie. You already have something in common, so expand upon it. Don’t needlessly burn nonexistent bridges.
  • Keep your shirts on. It doesn’t matter what gender, nobody needs to see that.

Other than that, it was a decent show.

With that out of the way, let get the positive vibes flowing with some much-needed new music:

Glass Animals – Zaba

Rating: Track titles aren’t the only thing these guys are good at.

It’s so thrilling to write about bands without a “Biography” tab on their Spotify. Who could they be? Is their fate in my B-rate reviewer hands? My words are the ultimate authority and I can make or break these guys right here. Impress me.

Well color me impressed. I kept that edit in there so you have something to shame me until the end of time. These Oxford boys give off a “cool” indie vibe, similar to that of Portugal. The Man or Electric Guest. They have already toured with St. Vincent and played at SXSW this year, so they had some pedigree coming into this debut.

Flipping through tracks in reference to this writing, I think I like the groovitude even more than I did on the first listen. Their musical background has yet to be fully explained, but they can be smokey and other times experimental. Glad I happened upon this.

LP – Forever For Now

Rating: Has the exterior of diva status.

If you replaced the vocals with that of Cher or Celine Dion, it would pretty much fall in line with their catalog. It’s packing that kind of force. (I wrote this paragraph before I found out that she actually wrote songs for Cher.)

Laura Pergolizzi has many more songs to her credit from Rihanna to Christina Aguilera to Chiddy Bang. I was a fan before I even knew it. Her voice is more Stevie Nicks than Cher, but she delivers in her own style. Her appearance is unique in its own right.

It’s a mature pop album from a singer with a unique voice, and 2014 desperately needs it. LP looks good next to the greats.

She should not go by LP, however. It’s too confusing considering Long-Play records, rapper El-P and Linkin Park’s commonly used initials.

Panama Wedding – Parallel Play

Rating: Pocket-sized sunshine.

EPs are great. You get solid look at a band without long-term commitment. Fifteen minutes to knock out four songs by a new band? Done.

This little gem falls into the same alt-pop realm as our friends CHVRCHES or Hunter Hunted. Panama Wedding was a nice little escape from the emotional rubbish I’ve been surrounding myself with as of late. It’s so heartwarming, just in time for summer.

A full album will hopefully shed more light on these guys, but they are already giving off a nice glow.

Updated Best of 2014 playlist:

Spotify’s update butchered playlist discovery. I had a source for weekly playlists with great new music, but I can never find updated ones since they get buried past the 50 playlist threshold. Playlists are now ranked by the amount of followers they have, which is counter productive if I can’t find the playlist to follow.

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