New Music 6.17.14 – Linkin Park Goes Primal on ‘The Hunting Party’

Today, I look for a sign With flames in my hands, A line in the sand, Between yours and mine Former nu-metal/experimental/polarizing/genre-defying rockers Linkin Park have released their sixth album, their most explosive effort yet, entitled The Hunting Party. It’s full of energy, but of a different sort than longtime fans are used to. Going againstContinue reading “New Music 6.17.14 – Linkin Park Goes Primal on ‘The Hunting Party’”

New Music Tuesday – 3.4.14: Arby’s Hat of Destiny

The seamless triangulation of the logos for Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars and A.F.I. was very well done: So clever. If you haven’t heard, they announced Tuesday that those three bands will go on one of the most ballistic tours of all time, the Carnivores Tour. I don’t know how audiences will handle so much energy. NeedlessContinue reading “New Music Tuesday – 3.4.14: Arby’s Hat of Destiny”

Best Albums of 2012: The One Man Army

2010 | 2011 Best Tracks of 2012 playlist on Spotify: The Process “Let’s sing to be happy, to feel things, to communicate, be heard We sing out to protest, and to project, and to harmonize with birds Whether it’s your birthday, or your dying day It’s a celebration too Rejoice to use your voice, andContinue reading “Best Albums of 2012: The One Man Army”

The Case Against Today’s Rock

When Slash and Myles Kennedy released Apocalyptic Love this year, it should have been the rock version of Watch the Throne. It had Slash’s signature guitar licks and it had Myles Kennedy’s penetrating vocals, the best union of head-banging talent since Audioslave. Yet, the album left me unfulfilled, as if I had heard this beforeContinue reading “The Case Against Today’s Rock”