The Roundtable’s Favorite Adult Contemporary Albums (2010-19)

Our favorite Adult Contemporary albums of the decade.

Top 10 Albums of 2014

“The song we sing is so nostalgic, Take me back to a time when I knew a little less.” -Daley, “Love Somebody” Intro What you’re about to read has as much value as a Taylor Swift song, which is anywhere between nothing and everything.

New Music 9.30.14 – The One “Hit” Wonder

Lykke Li came to town this past weekend. It was significant in that it is the closest I will ever be to a woman on my “List.” I love her. Other than that, it was a fantastic show and a tolerable crowd. Shout out to Mapei for putting on one of the best opening liveContinue reading “New Music 9.30.14 – The One “Hit” Wonder”

New Music 7.2.14 – Best Albums of the Year So Far

I’m on vacation right now, so I will not be able to do a full post this week,and here is my Rocky Mountain view: I’m sad because Robin Thicke is begging for some justice, but I’m sure someone else will take care of it.

New Music 5.6.14 – Lykke Li Reveals the Raw Nerves Inside

Have you ever heard a song and thought nothing of it until it is presented to you in a different medium then it is suddenly awesome? There needs to be a study of this phenomenon. You could see the song come to life from of well-made music video, overhear it in a fitting commercial orContinue reading “New Music 5.6.14 – Lykke Li Reveals the Raw Nerves Inside”

New Music Tuesday – 3.25.14: Karmin is Wonderful Chaos

This week was almost a disaster, musically speaking, but there were some teeny bright spots. So in cases like this when I have very little to say and you don’t want to read, I’m returning to my old custom rating system. That is, a more qualitative value than quantitative number. Please let me know ifContinue reading “New Music Tuesday – 3.25.14: Karmin is Wonderful Chaos”

New Music Tuesday – 3.4.14: Arby’s Hat of Destiny

The seamless triangulation of the logos for Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars and A.F.I. was very well done: So clever. If you haven’t heard, they announced Tuesday that those three bands will go on one of the most ballistic tours of all time, the Carnivores Tour. I don’t know how audiences will handle so much energy. NeedlessContinue reading “New Music Tuesday – 3.4.14: Arby’s Hat of Destiny”

Best Albums of 2011: Forgetting about Dre and JT

“I only pray you’ll never leave me behind Because good music can be so hard to find” -Gym Class Heroes feat. Adam Levine: “Stereo Hearts” Intro When I first started releasing my top-10 album lists, my music taste was linear and dull. The lists were essentially “Corey’s Favorites,” which is robbing you of a trueContinue reading “Best Albums of 2011: Forgetting about Dre and JT”

Best Albums of 2011: Mid-Year Edition

These are the best albums I’ve heard this year. No big introduction necessary. 10. Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes Track of Choice: “Rich Kids Blues” No line in 2011 is cooler than, “I’m your prostitute. You gonna get some.” 9. Radiohead – The King of Limbs Track of Choice: “Lotus Flower”, only because the musicContinue reading “Best Albums of 2011: Mid-Year Edition”